SC S*Wonderwoods Baby Bellini, DVM, DSM, DM

NFO es
Creamsilver spottedtabby
Female | Born: 2006-09-09

Sire: EC S*Redtails Digory Kirk, NFO es 24 [es]
Dam: EC S*Blecktrummans Malva, DSM DM, NFO gs 24

Breeder: Li Sellgren

BB…our ”crème fraiche” girl, with fudge tipping….an other sweetheart, we couldn’t resist from our love couple Digory & Malva. She incarnates all the qualities from both her parents, just like her sisters, Satis & Affinity.
Fabulous heavy boning (thought in the beginning, this must be a boy !), long body, high legs, ending up with a long, long tail. Lovely triangle, with a nice straight profile and great chin. Big ears with tufts and lovely almond formed eyes, a coat colour so rare, especially for a female…pity there are no points for that!! In one word, qualities all over and on top such a charm and “look”. So now we just wait and see how our little goddess will develop, in the long run!!


Merits: (FIFé) 23xBIV - 38xNOM - 16xBIS - 8xBOB - 5xBEST SUPREME - 2xBEST SUPREME/2nd

Mother of:
Funny Face, JW
Fill My Eyes, JW, DVM
Handy Man, JW, DVM
Cactus Kay, DM, DVM

N3 Adult TOP TEN (FR)
N 7 Adult Skogkattslingan (SE)
N 1 Adult Female clubcat BIRKA (SE)

N 8 Adult Skogkattslingan (SE)

N°14 Adult Skogkatt of the Year (EUR)
N°17 Kitten Skogkatt of the Year (EUR)
N°5 Adult Skogkattslingan (SE)
N°10 Kitten Skogkattslingan (SE)
N°3 Adult TOP TEN (FR)
N°2 Kitten TOP TEN (FR)
N1 Adult Female clubcat BIRKA (SE)

Mother of litter: N°14 (6 kittens), N°24 (6 kittens), N26 (2 kittens), N° 37 (7 kittens), N°38 (6 kittens), N°44 (1 kitten)
Total: 28 kittens

Health status:
| GSD IV and PK-def negative| HCM-neg 2011-02-10 |


Sire: EC S*Redtail's Digory Kirk , NFO es, 2003-04-30
Dam: EC Blecktrummans Malva , NFO gs 24, 2003-04-21

EC Utblicken's Zoltan
NFO as, 2001-11-19

EC DM Silvermossen's Azlan P.E.
NFO ds 23, 1995-04-08
GIC Islandia C.I. Eski
NFO w, 1990-11-13
Islandia C.F. Peppar
NFO f, 1992-01-15
GIC Taropaves Black Magic Zara
NFO ns, 1999-11-27 [ p ]
IP & EC , DM Rockringen's Hoodoo Guru
NFO n 09 22, 1998-08-20 [ p ]
IC Taropaves Birgit Nilsson
NFO as 23, 1995-07-01

IC Millenniums Finesse
NFO f 09 24, 2000-05-25

Älvdansens Agnar Mykle
NFO d, 1999-04-09
EC Magaris Scar
NFO n 09, 1995-10-18 [ p ]
Trolldungens Miss Mystica
NFO f 22, 1997-02-14
Millenniums Sharon
NFO n 09 22, 1998-05-17
GIC Tassajara's Abel
NFO n 09 22, 1997-01-01
Wildwood's Orvette
NFO a 22, 1996-06-10 [ p ]
IC Chewbacca's Assum Tiger
NFO es 09 23, 2001-01-13
PR & EC Tomten's Frazzeman
NFO d 22, 1998-10-12
EC Backom's Gillis
NFO n 23, 1994-08-23
GIC Winner's Goldie Hawn
NFO f 22, 1995-11-01
IC Aristo Limaz Peggie-Sue
NFO gs 09 [g 09], 1998-05-21

EC DM Silvermossen's Azlan P.E.
NFO ds 23, 1995-04-08

GIC DM Znorkan's Montana K.G
NFO n 09 23, 1995-09-05
Perlotts Dancing Queen
NFO a 23, 2001-08-18
EC Gomorran's Theodor
NFO a 09, 1997-11-05
IC On Tin Tio's Lestat
NFO ds, 1996-03-26
Tigressan's Eliza
NFO n 09, 1996-03-11 [ p ]
Prissman's Baronessa von Back
NFO a 09 23, 1997-07-24
Gomorran's Obelix
NFO a 09 23, 1996-07-27
NFO f 09 23, 1995-07-14